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Posted By: Waza Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/13/09 10:00 PM
As the title say was this a good deal. I had the chance of this keyboard today for £400 and was wondering if it was a bargain...

Did i shoot myself in the foot by not taking it...

Please let me know thanks what you would have done in my position.

Posted By: milhous Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/14/09 02:14 AM
According to Froogle, that model:


goes for between $1200-$1600 USD

400GPB = less than $600 USD

so Yes, absolutely that's a great deal! How the heck did you find it, is it used?
Posted By: Waza Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/14/09 08:23 AM
Yes it is used so was it still a good bargain.
Posted By: Waza Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/14/09 11:20 AM
Does anyone know when this model was first introduced. and when it ended.
I think it was introduced at NAMM show in january 2005, and I suppose it was ended in january 2008 when 300GX was released; so it can be 4 years old, it can be 1 year old.

I can say I'm a Roland fan, and I dislike 300sx. Too few useful sounds (just a few from all 70; 300GX has more), a bit plastic-fell keyboard (fp-4 or 300gx have better one), only LED display (300gx has LCD), only two zones (300gx has 3), only digital equalizer (300gx has two knobs). Only advantage I see here is that it's light (15,5kg), it's reliable (Roland)... and it's shorter: it is 140,8cm long while 300gx has 144,4cm. So it's worth trying live before you buy, considering how many sounds you will really use.

I think it's worth to add and buy 300gx which is a lot better in sounds, keyboard, display, and it's still very light (16,3kg). If you can't afford it or want to use 300sx mainly a few tones (others for fun), or you want to use it as a controller, it's worth considering, because next one is more expensive.

Is it bargain? I think it's normal price. Why? It's used, dscontinued, not very great in it's price range compared to others Roland pianos. But it's still the cheaper sensible transaction.
Posted By: Waza Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/14/09 01:12 PM
Thanks's Kiedy for your input, basically it will be more of a controller that me just wanting the sounds from the keyboard. I will be using it for gig's as we'll so it has to be light to carry.

But now you have me thinking what to do as i really can't strecth my budget too much just now. I might need to wait a while to upgrade to the fp-4 or the 300gx..

Decisions decisions..
Maybe you'll share - I'm interested what do you use as a sound source? Some software or sound module, other synth?
Posted By: Waza Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/15/09 07:19 AM
Well here is my setup which I use..

Yamaha sy85 & 35 Synth.
Roland mc303 Groove Box
Novation Super Bass Station
Mackie 14 Channel Mixer
And the rest is all Vst's which include

Synthory ivory Piano Vst
and loads more.

Basically i've been doing this for over 15 years so i've had severeal keyboards and sold serveral but this is what i have at the moment...

For most of my sounds like piano my yamaha sy85 and Ivory vst for more real sounding piano as it has a samples from real pianos

For any other sounds i tend to make them myself.

i hope this helps you out.....
Posted By: voxpops Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/15/09 03:58 PM
I agree with Kiedysktos. The RD300SX has good grand pianos, mediocre electric pianos and organs, good strings and poor synths. Its action is responsive but way too light and shallow. However, it is sturdy, user friendly (great for live work) and sounds good in a band mix. At 400GBP in A1 condition it has to be worth considering, as it will be a long time before the GX drops to that price. If my 300SX were lost, stolen or it died, I would not choose to replace it with another, but it's surprising how few lightweight alternatives are out there.
Posted By: Waza Re: Was £400 A bargain for a Roland 300sx - 04/15/09 04:55 PM
well vox it's away but i was thinking about the action of the keys as well it might be to light...

Oh well i'll just need to find something else now what to buy...
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