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Posted By: xlider How old is your DP? - 12/17/21 09:27 AM
Hi all,
In my thinking of (in the future) buying an upgrade from my CN29, I am wondering how long this upgraded version will be usable. So for those of you that bought a higher end DP or Hybrid, since how many years are you using it, and how long do you think you will still be using it at home?

After all, the resale value goes down quickly, but it is not an indication of how long you conisder you investment worth for.

Posted By: spanishbuddha Re: How old is your DP? - 12/17/21 12:34 PM
I lose track but think I'm on my 9th year with my NU1. No problems at all with it. It was serviced once by Yamaha on year 5 at the end of its warranty, and lightly by me last year in lockdown. The condition and appearance is almost like new but I probably would ask less than 50% of a new NU1X if I were to sell and be happy if I got 50%. I would even consider giving it away for free to a music college, school, or similar.
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: How old is your DP? - 12/17/21 12:51 PM
I typically keep my personal DPs for around 5 years and sell them for roughly half of their new “street price”.
The university class piano labs I teach in, typically keep their instruments around 15 years and then the performance or reliability degrades enough (including connected accessories) that they typically get replaced around that time. Those go to government surplus auctions and sell for maybe 10% of their new price.
Posted By: Ajax69 Re: How old is your DP? - 12/17/21 01:11 PM
I bought my Kawai CS11 two years ago. Very happy with it and it's more than my level of playing deserves. No issues what so ever. Still - there's been some tempting DP developments during these years, so I'm keeping my eyes open for a possible upgrade. Probably in a year or two. For me it's a substantially "better" (= more accoustic-piano-like) key action and sound quality that would make me pull the trigger. The CS11 is in mint condition (as new), but I'm guessing the value has dropped drastically from the +4K USD I payed for it.
Posted By: McBuster Re: How old is your DP? - 12/17/21 03:22 PM
A six year old CA67 that works great and will be with me for a long time. I can not think of a valid reason to get anything newer.
Posted By: xlider Re: How old is your DP? - 12/18/21 07:34 AM
Thanks, so a useful life of 5-10 years seems a reasonable way of looking at it.
Posted By: BravoRomeo Re: How old is your DP? - 12/18/21 02:14 PM
I just sold my Yamaha P-120 after enjoying it for 17 years. Still played and sounded like the day I bought it. Quality in design, materials, and build should easily last a decade or two, after which one may want to upgrade to newer technology.
Posted By: peterws Re: How old is your DP? - 12/18/21 03:07 PM
I've had my ES110 since July or August; I consider it an underrated bargain and I'd find it interesting to keep it as long as I can. It wasn't expensive so a trade in/off wouldn't matter much.
Trouble is of course, said piano might have more life on it than I have.
Anno Domini can be a pain at times . . . .
Posted By: BWV846 Re: How old is your DP? - 12/19/21 08:57 PM
My P255 since October of 2015 has been around providing me lots of enjoyment and challenges. I'm quite happy with it, moved it around a bit inside our apartment for better views and sounds.
The ability to load MIDI and audio files into the device is a really great teaching tool for me. Especially with MIDI files many parameters (volume, ambience, choice of instrument, tempo of the selection etc.) can be modified and saved for future learning experiences. Often I mix the grand piano and harpsichord sounds to make an passable fortepiano sound for Haydn selections.
The only negative thing is that Yamaha no longer supports the app for the P255 that gave you easy access to all menu controls. The positive side is that now I have to learn the ones that I want to modify and use. It's really not so difficult.
I suppose that I will update one day but I really am still happy with the device and see no strong compulsion to change it.
Posted By: kanadajin Re: How old is your DP? - 12/19/21 09:18 PM
I took delivery of my Kawai MP11 stage piano on September 3rd 2014. I still like it as much as I did on day one and do not see any reason to change it.
Posted By: Marc345 Re: How old is your DP? - 12/19/21 09:42 PM
I think that mostly depends on:

a) personal taste and how that changes. Sounds of today's models are pretty much very good and I don't see a lot of room upward from that.
b) warranty. How expensive will maintenance be after warranty runs out.

Currently I own a MP11SE. I don't have any plans to replace it apart from a and b, except for one: if there'll ever be a comparable model with a more precise keybed at an affordable price in the same price region. It's still contact rubber based and most of those units (in my experience) are usually only as precise in their velocity measurement as necessary to not be noticeable by the average Joe. Unfortunately, I don't know yet any model that has this production variability/unreliability under control - except maybe for the optical sensor based ones starting at like 7k€ (though I really can't say whether that's actually true).
Posted By: Marc345 Re: How old is your DP? - 12/19/21 11:39 PM
To answer your question: my previous one was like 15 years old, though I hadn't played it much in that time. My current one is maybe a month or so old.
Posted By: TheophilusCarter Re: How old is your DP? - 12/20/21 03:07 AM
I bought my DP-603 about a year and a half ago. It's still playing like new, even with fairly regular practice. That's a lot better than my previous Casios, both of which developed loose keys pretty quickly. I'm hoping the DP-603 will last a good long time, as I'm very happy with the PHA-50 action. Roland build quality has always been good in my experience, so I have a feeling it'll be a while before I'll need anything else, and if I do, I could totally see buying another DP-603.
Posted By: thepianoplayer416 Re: How old is your DP? - 12/22/21 04:36 PM
Had an older model Yamaha that started acting up last year. Upgraded to a Yamaha 125 and a Clavier folding piano for travelling. Both less than 1 year old. The Clavier piano have light touch keys but still very playable. The action on the Yamaha is inconsistent. Some of the time when playing loud the notes sound a bit staccato. For the money can't really complain.
Posted By: MarkL Re: How old is your DP? - 12/22/21 05:42 PM
I've had my P90 for 15 years, I love it. But if you have a problem the lifespan can be limited by cost and availability of parts and repairs. Especially with a floor model digital where you can't easily take it to a shop, you have to find someone to come and service it. I've had a few key related problems that I've been able to fix myself, but if you're not into DIY you'll need to find a repair shop. That's one reason I like to buy from places like Sweetwater, they service everything they sell. If you buy from an electronic storefront you have less chance of getting help if you have a problem.
Posted By: MarlaJackspiano Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 12:43 AM
Although it’s not high end, I bought my Casio- CDP 135 around January of 2018. It is still going strong with no issues. I don’t think there is always a correlation between reliability/resale to the price paid. I think your mileage depends upon the brand you choose.
Posted By: violar Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 10:57 AM
Since around December last year I've got a Yamaha CLP-645 and I absolutely love it! Before that I had a Steinfort MP110 so it was a huge upgrade. I am so happy that I made that decision!
It sounds and feels really good, though the Bossendorfer sound(option, not standard) is underwhelming but the standard piano sound is great. Also I love how easy controlable it is compared to my old piano!
Posted By: prout Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 12:56 PM
Since 1986. Bought my CLP 300 new when they were first released. It still works great and I use it for practicing and for scoring when my wife is on our main piano, a M&H BB.
Posted By: Marko in Boston Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 01:33 PM
Hi All, I have been out of the loop here for a bit. Hope everyone on the forum is well and happy holidays. Just wanted to quickly jump in on this thread and mention old faithful: Kawai ES7 just turned 9 years old on December 20th. Purchased at a great Kawai dealer in Salem, NH on 12/20/2012. 9 years later and at least 2500+ hours on it, no issues at all! Still rock-solid except for a few "road kisses" over the years but still looks, sounds, and feels great. I'll will be honest that the keys thump a little bit more as the felt or key bushings must be pounded down quite a bit by now, but that's it. Not a factor when playing whatsoever. I have had several other non-Kawai slabs since then, but the RHII is just a great action that always felt very natural to me. This is a fun thread. Thanks, Marko
Posted By: Rhailey Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 01:39 PM
I have a yamaha p70 thats about 15 years old, still going strong!
Posted By: qpalzm Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 01:46 PM
My Yamaha Clavinova is 15 years old, and still plays great. I did need to get someone to replace the sensor strip twice though (about $250 each time).

I was going to buy a new digital piano but then the COVID shortages happened, and I randomly got tinnitus.

Now I almost never play piano because it aggravates my ear, so this digital will probably last the rest of my lifetime.
Posted By: Chantico Re: How old is your DP? - 12/23/21 08:30 PM
Yamaha P80 purchased in 2007 was released in 1999. Korg SP250 purchased in 2019 was released in 2005. Kawai MP7SE purchased in 2021 was released in 2017. I was happy with each purchase at the time. Keeping the P80 for 20 years past release was a stretch. Once the keys started sticking too much, I got the Korg as a temporary replacement. The step up to the MP7SE was quite large between the improved keybed, voices, and functionality. The Korg retailed for a similar price to the Yamaha but was not noticeably better despite being released 6 years later. The keys had a much lighter touch and it had (great) integrated speakers, but I would have been just as happy with a new keybed for the P80 if it had been the cheaper option. Barring an upgrade to something like a Kawai MP11SE successor or hardware issues, the MP7SE is likely to last at least 10 years before a similarly priced slab will deliver enough added value.
Posted By: Paul_S Re: How old is your DP? - 01/03/22 07:44 PM
I have owned my Kawai EP3 for almost 12 years now. How old it actually is I have no idea it was a floor model before I bought it so it could be older than from the time I ordered it but it was in very good shape. Still going strong though I have not played it as much as I should have up until recently with my more renewed interest in learning the piano and making an actual concerted effort to learn. My techy side of me is dying for an upgrade: improved actions, better sound sampling etc. My wife says she can tell my piano sounds just like a recording when I play so I guess now its bugging me lol I know a digital piano will always be digital but I really have no space for anything larger plus paying for the tuning and care seems like a waste until its something I do all the time.
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