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Posted By: dagaras Strange Opening Screen on Kawai CA78 - 12/08/21 08:03 AM
Dear all,

After a 3-4 months of inactivity on my Kawai Ca78 digital piano, I decided to turn it on last October. I encountered a screen with title "firmware program version checksum confirm mode", with several other information below the title such as Rom Name, Model, Destination, Rom and Checksum. This screen had never appeared before. It is impossible to skip this screen and return to the regular opening screen of the piano. After discussing the issue with the sales person of my dealer, I was told that it may be necessary to update the software of the piano.

So, I downloaded the software update files from Kawai-Global website and applied the procedure step by step as per the update manual published by Kawai. This time another screen with title "Firmware program Update" was displayed. Below the title, system update files in the USB disk are seen with "Write Error" written. Again it is not possible to return to the main screen. The instrument cannot be played since that day.

I just wondered whether any member on the forum encountered the same problem on their instrument. It seems like some sort of hardware problem to me, since updating the system software should not be mandatory to be able to continue using the instrument, which is just my guess of course. I would appreciate any suggestions from those, if any, that faced the same issue and any tips on overcoming the problem. But I guess that there is no way other than having the piano checked by the technical service.

Have a nice day.
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