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Posted By: MooganDavid Garritan Cfx Sample Folder - 04/13/21 04:54 PM
Hello Cfx users out there anyone know what use File folders O 9 and V play? I figure if I'm not using them I will delete them and get back the space on my drive. So far I haven't noticed any difference by moving them to trash bin but I don't want to completely delete them from my computer till I'm sure. Thank you MooganDavid
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Garritan Cfx Sample Folder - 04/13/21 07:25 PM
You should start the ressources monitoring (there is an icon in the task manager/performance tab). Then, the used files are printed. You can play with your favourite perspective and see which files are used.
Posted By: MooganDavid Re: Garritan Cfx Sample Folder - 04/14/21 08:27 PM
What purpose do these file folders O and 9 serve? I know Y is for contemporary sample mike position. X and Z classic and player.
Posted By: vagfilm Re: Garritan Cfx Sample Folder - 04/14/21 11:40 PM
More than one year ago, when I installed CFX Full, I mapped the content of folders as follows:

X - Full - Classic - samples - and extra samples
Y - Full - Contemporary - samples - and extra samples
Z - Full - Player - samples - and extra samples

X - Compact - Classic - samples
Y - Compact - Contemporary - samples
Z - Compact - Player - samples

9 - Notation - Classic - samples
0 - Notation - Contemporary - samples
V - Notation - Player - samples

The EXTRA perspectives follow the same organization of CLASSIC, CONTEMPORARY and PLAYER.

Because I was only interested in Full Classic, Full Player, and Notation Classic and Player (notation is a very small set of samples useful for quick loading; this is sometimes helpful when using DAWs: load the notation preset when you don't need the full quality tone, and then just change to the Full presets when you want to render with the best tones). For these reasons I only maintained folders X, Z, V and 9.

Final note: be careful when deleting anything (and keep a backup).. I really never tried all presets so I cannot confirm the validity of the above information...
Posted By: MooganDavid Re: Garritan Cfx Sample Folder - 04/15/21 03:16 AM
Sounds about right to me. I'm thinking about deleting all but X. In my opinion that is the very best it can sound I tried player for a while but I'm going to switch back being most of my practice is either easy jazz and Bach mostly classical. Thanks for the input I will get back a huge amount of space on my ssd.
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