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Posted By: BJ60EH Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/24/21 05:27 PM
Hello, I'm new here.

I've played the piano for over 20 years. I grew up playing mostly classical on an acoustic piano, then when I was 20 I moved to Ecuador where acoustic pianos are outrageously priced (and I don't have room for one either). I bought a Korg S-170 and had that for about 8 years. It has recently broken (in a move) and anywhere I ask about getting it fixed they tell me it'll cost around $700USD to repair. So I'd rather buy new. My budget is about $1000 but I have a dilemma. Digital pianos here are quite expensive. A P45 costs around $950USD.

Much more common here are Kurzweil pianos and they seem to be better priced. One that caught my attention was the MPS110. It's fully weighted, graduated and has some nice specs. 256 note polyphony, 24W 4 speaker system etc. It's $990. But my problem is I've never even heard of Kurzweil. I've tried doing some research but I can't find much! The nearest store is about 2 hours away, I do plan on going and playing it before I make a final decision. My biggest concerns are durability, piano action and sound. I don't care too much about having a million different sounds, I'd even be happy having an acoustic if it was possible. Total weight of the keyboard isn't a big deal either.

I've played Yamaha keyboards, I'm not a huge fan of the GHS action. My preferred piano would be the Roland FP-10 (I've played it before in Canada and it's my favorite action within my price range) but its nowhere to be found in Ecuador. How will the Kurzweil stand up? I feel like it's better value for the money, but if it's going to be a piece of junk I'll just buy the Yamaha. Or possibly a Casio PSX1000. But again, I'm not a huge Casio fan.

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling. I guess my question is, will the Kurzweil be a quality machine that can last me 10+ years?

Thanks in advance for your help
Posted By: davick Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/24/21 05:39 PM
I agree with you, here in Ecuador the instruments raise the price in an exaggerated way but it is what it is. There is also not much variety, and yes, the model you say is common here, I have played it but I preferred a roland fp 30, in terms of actions it is somewhat subjective so you should try it yourself. What I can tell you is that in construction quality it feels solid, it is well built so that it lasts a long time, in terms of durability of the action I cannot give you an estimate because I do not have one. But I think you would be satisfied with this one unlike the P45, I recommend that you also expect more comments.

Making an update of what I mentioned, I think that the mps-110 you are looking for uses the action of fatar, there are many comments on this page about this action both positive and negative but there it depends on each one, they say that the durability is not good but there is another that yes. hehe
Posted By: RAJANE Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/24/21 06:01 PM
Hi, your problem is very similar to what happens around here.

That's why I feel very comfortable telling you how I'd act in your place.

I would not buy the P-45 for this amount in any way, as the situation has taken you hostage to the very high price it is better to pay the difference and buy the P-125.

At least it will have a better polyphony, better sound and everything else that the model offers you the most.

If you're going to pay dearly, at least as compensation prize something better came in the package.

Hugs to all.


Hola, su problema es muy similar a lo que sucede por aquí.

Por eso me siento muy cómodo diciéndote cómo actuaría en tu lugar.

Yo no compraría el P-45 por esta cantidad de ninguna manera, ya que la situación te ha tomado como rehén del precio muy alto es mejor pagar la diferencia y comprar el P-125.

Al menos tendrá una mejor polifonía, mejor sonido y todo lo demás que el modelo te ofrezca más.

Si vas a pagar caro, al menos como premio de compensación algo mejor vino en el paquete.

Abrazos a todos.

Posted By: clothearednincompo Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/24/21 06:15 PM
The Kurzweil MPS models are bit of a mystery. I don't remember anyone mentioning having tried a one.

But Kurzweil seems to vary a lot. There are some very cheap models that don't seem to be that great and are more or less just made by someone else and then they put the Kurzweil name on it.

The MPS models at least seem to have nice piano sounds. The actions are unknown to most people here. I suppose.

There's a drawing of the MPS110 action here, but it doesn't really tell anything: http://www.good-music.co.kr/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=3161&category=001005

We had a thread about the MPS models, but it doesn't have much information: http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/2897223/kurzweil-mps110-120.html

There are some demo videos in the languages of music and Polish. 😉

The MPS might actually be a better piano than the P45.
Posted By: RAJANE Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/24/21 06:18 PM
I'm going through a similar situation, the price in Brazil is also absurd.

I'm waiting for things to be close to normal so I can order a P-515 or its successor if it arrives in this time of time.

Which would be very good, after all something else will come in the most current P series.

It doesn't hurt to hope that the new P series will arrive soon.

Hugs to all.


Estoy pasando por una situación similar, el precio en Brasil también es absurdo.

Estoy esperando a que las cosas estén cerca de la normalidad para poder pedir un P-515 o su sucesor si llega en esta época del tiempo.

Lo cual sería muy bueno, después de todo algo más vendrá en la serie P más actual.

No hace daño esperar que la nueva serie P llegue pronto.

Abrazos a todos.

Posted By: gracegren Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/26/21 05:09 AM
I used to have a Kurzweil MPS-20 about four years ago. It was ok, and yes, the keys are weighted. I ended up not liking that the keys were so noisy. But, otherwise, the action was ok. That is about all I disliked about the Kurzweil. I am not sure if the MPS-20 has the same type of action as the MPS-10. I ended up selling it and got a Kawai ES-110, mainly because it was so recommended here, and I have been happy with the Kawai, but is probably is not available where you live. I had bought the Kurzwell to replace an old Yamaha P-105, I think that was the model and thought of it as kind of an upgrade. I really had no other complaints, it sounded good, and the weight of the keys varies as they are supposed to. I definitely think the Kurzweil would be a better model than the P-45.
Posted By: PianoStartsAt33 Re: Kurzweil mps110 or Yamaha P45 - 02/26/21 08:34 AM
I've posted something about MPS110 in october, when bought it. As a former owner of Casio, Roland and Kawai instruments I can make a statement that Kurz is really good, for it's price. For example, I found it's speakers no worse than that of FP-90.
Action is good too. Pretty heavy, not noisy.
I'd definitely prefer it over P45.
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