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Posted By: KievMan Roland RP 301 R - 02/16/19 08:04 AM
Hello everyone,

I am going to see an RP 301 R later today and if it is in good condition I will buy it. The current owner bought it new in 2017 although I believe this model was discontinued in 2014. I have haggled the price down to UAH 18,500 (I live in Ukraine) which is about $670 or €570 so the deal is certainly attractive.

I have a question to any RP 301 R owners who may be reading this...

Are there any faults or issues with the RP 301 R that I should particularly look out for when buying a 5 year old Roland?

Does your RP 301 R still work fine?

Many thanks and greetings from a cold and snowy Kiev.

Posted By: KievMan Re: Roland RP 301 R - 02/16/19 09:13 PM
No replies, maybe there are no problems with the RP301R, anyway I have bought the piano and it is safely installed in my flat in downtown Kiev.

First impressions inform me that a Yamaha has a slightly more realistic sound, especially on the CFX and Imperial modes but the Roland has a much better action in the price comparable zones.

My favoured piano would have been a Yamaha CLP 635 bit they cost about UAH 60k where I live, the Roland RP301R comes a close second and was less than 1/3 the price 2nd hand.
Posted By: peterws Re: Roland RP 301 R - 02/16/19 10:04 PM
I hope you get many years out of it. Rolands are reliable, and sound good. Enjoy!
Posted By: JoeT Re: Roland RP 301 R - 02/16/19 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by KievMan
No replies, maybe there are no problems with the RP301R,

It's a discontinued model available in certain markets only. So it's most likely that nobody has ever seen one. wink
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