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Posted By: Finfan I saw a Korg T1 tonight. - 04/14/17 03:51 AM
Tonight was my lesson night and at the Studio my teacher works out of they had a Korg T1 set up. My first thought was "what's the point?" As in what is the point of going electronic when this instrument had a footprint larger than an upright piano. It is huge by today's standards. It wasn't turned on but I tried the action and it felt very good. I'm told it is also quite heavy so I still wonder if it is worth the trouble but it was very cool to check out.
Posted By: ando Re: I saw a Korg T1 tonight. - 04/14/17 04:57 AM
I actually have a Korg T1. The action is fairly heavy, but when I've coupled it with PianoTeq and adjusted the touch curve, it feels quite nice to play. It's certainly dated but I've made a lot of very cool retro sounds with it that I can't quite manage to recreate with my new Korg Kronos. It's got a certain Lo-Fi charm that just works. It's also surprisingly capable as a controller keyboard - which might be part the reason your teacher has it. It is a heavy brute with a big footprint though.
Posted By: peterws Re: I saw a Korg T1 tonight. - 04/14/17 05:04 AM
I had the dubious privilege of playing an old Roland RD in the late 90's. It was sooo heavy, and hard bottoming; you really had to work hard on it; nor did it sound much like a piano.
It was installed in a working man's club, and used for backing artists of the day singing popular stuff.
It compared badly with the basic Clavinova of it's time with the GHE keybed.
Posted By: BRUCE ROSS MORGAN Re: I saw a Korg T1 tonight. - 06/14/17 05:28 AM
I use a Korg t 1 and I love it .....yes it is very heavy .
The workstation was released in 1990.
It featured sample patches from the Bosendorfer piano line .
Many folks say that the piano sounds of the old Korgs are surpassed now by many other...
I have not trued the modern Keyboards
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