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Posted By: Panpiano New Yamaha CLP-545 or used CLP-270/280 ??? - 11/26/14 11:28 PM
Hi all!

So I decided to finally buy myself a piano. As a kid I was having piano courses for about 4 years but did not have the motivation to actually progress. And now I miss it smile.

I need a silent piano, so that is why I choose a digital, and I have already read many of discussions on this amazing forum. I've even visited 2 piano shops and tried Yamaha CLP-535 and 545, Kawai CA-65 and Roland HP-506. I first eliminated the Roland, I felt it gets dominated by the other two brands. As for the Kawai, it has clearly the best action, very pleasurable, but I finally appreciated the most the CLP-545, mostly its finish and sound (richer than CLP-535).

I thought that I could make a decision without asking you here, having read everything possible on the subject, but I was wrong! I will need your help.

Recently I found on the internet 2 used models, both priced 1000€ - one CLP-270 and the other CLP-280. I've read that they were amazing pianos in 2005 and I could save a lot of money compared to a new CLP-545 (priced 2150€ in France).

The question is what would you do? smile Do you think it is a good idea to buy a nearly 10 years old model? If it was heavily used, can it get broken? Is the risk worth the price difference? Or should I buy a new model for twice as much - having all the features of the old model plus more, but lacking the powerful speakers of the old model?

Thanks you all for giving me your insight since I am lost smile
Welcome to the forum.

The CLP-545 is a very good digital piano, and a considerable improvement over previous generation CLP-x40 models.

However, the CLP-280 was top of the range a few years ago, and boasts a very good speaker system, albeit without the newer sampling technology of the latest generation Clavinova models.

If the CLP-280 is in good condition, and the ebony polish model, I believe 1000€ is a good price. However, if you're happy to pay twice the amount for the latest - albeit mid-range - model, I'm sure the CLP-545 will serve you well also.

Finally, may I ask why you eventually ruled out the Kawai in favour of the Yamaha?

Kind regards,
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