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Posted By: Alfort Great offer on the Yamaha CP33! - 11/01/12 08:28 AM
For US the Yamaha is at $899.99 in Amazon!
I have ordered mine in the UK but for around $1200 frown
I hope it doesn't mean that a similar but new model is coming from Yamaha...
Posted By: Kawai James Re: Great offer on the Yamaha CP33! - 11/01/12 11:19 AM
Given the age of the CP33, I expect a refresh is coming soon...

Posted By: Dave Horne Re: Great offer on the Yamaha CP33! - 11/01/12 11:26 AM
Alfort, the CP33 is a great keyboard. I owned the CP300 and often thought the CP33 is what I should have bought.

The CP33 sold for quite a while for $1,000 so a drop in price of ten percent is good but not fantastic. (As you are well aware, we in Europe pay considerably more for items but that's because we have a better life style. smile )

I wouldn't be surprised if Yamaha introduces new stage pianos in 2013 or 2014 (to replace or supplement the CP1,CP5, and CP50).

Posted By: dje31 Re: Great offer on the Yamaha CP33! - 11/01/12 01:12 PM
Perhaps a refresh is pending, since it's been on the market 6+ years now...or simply thinning out the herd, given newer offerings at lower price points ( P35 / P105, new Casios ). Plus preparation for Christmas buying.
Posted By: Alfort Re: Great offer on the Yamaha CP33! - 11/01/12 01:49 PM
Now that I compare with other prices, yes it is not so great... Still comparing to Europe is a big difference.
Regarding the possible new model/s, I don't have the piano yet but this is what I would change:
- Reduce weight! (Maybe something incompatible with the GH keyboard.)
- Recording options.
- USB to device.
- Headphone entrances on the front.
- Some more and better voices. (The mono piano is useful but not in exchange for this nice strings with slow attack:))
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