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Beautiful playing and beautiful sounding piano! I have never enjoyed this piece as much on the quite a few other performances I have heard. I cannot explain why I found it so terrific although it might be your rubato and dynanmics. Is the piano the same Steinway you played the klezmer on? (i actually thought the Steinway sounded a bit too bright for my taste on some of your other recordings but not on this one).
Thanks for your very kind words. This was recorded on David Rubenstein's (not me) R371 12-foot grand piano about 10 years ago. The klezmer tunes were recorded on my own Steinway A, a very different piano with obviously very different acoustics. :-)
If you record Melody in F on that piano you could title the video Rubinstein not A. Rubinstein plays Rubinstein on a Rubinstein.
Yes of course :-) though the piano would be Rubenstein not Rubinstein
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