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Posted By: benjamink Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 09/25/20 05:19 AM
Hi all! After an almost 15 year hiatus I have decided to resume learning Chopin's Etudes. Here are two that I recorded yesterday for an upcoming online lesson. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!

Posted By: dogperson Re: Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 09/25/20 06:53 AM
Very musical —- great job 😊
Posted By: Saffet Re: Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 09/29/20 07:49 AM
Both études are nicely played. However one comment though maybe for the no 5 is for the opening chords in the left hand. Please keep the last of the third chord short as there is a rest afterwards
Posted By: Cheeto717 Re: Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 10/01/20 06:32 PM
Your runs are uneven in both etudes. Make sure that when you do you slow practice you draw out the sound of every note. Make sure you follow your ear with every run so that it sounds nice and even.
Posted By: Sidokar Re: Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 10/01/20 07:10 PM
The first etude comes out much better than the second one. It is great that you can still play those after such a long break.

Now the second etude lacks fluidity, it is quite chopped and uneven. Indeed you would need to take them at a much slower speed and work them out until you can manage it smoothly. At 1.30 you are really struggling ....

My sense is that you probably would want to do some separate exercices to really get up to level and play some easier pieces to warm up. But that looks quite promising. Good luck.
Posted By: benjamink Re: Chopin Etudes Op 10 Nos 5 & 8 - 10/02/20 03:36 AM
Thanks all for the feedback! I agree that there is still work to do, particularly in Op 10 No 8. I'm not finished with these pieces - as indicated these were simply for a lesson.
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