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Hello piano friends and thank you to Frank for allowing me to post this introduction here.
First let me say that I am so happy this community exists. It is truly wonderful. My life has been the piano and the piano is my life. While a chatty person by nature, it is only through the piano that I feel my truest self is revealed. The piano has never been an "object" to me...I've have always viewed it as a "place" I could go to... when I need to relax, express, get centered, connect...that is where you will find me...at the piano. I am so lucky that my family was nurturing and supportive of an education in the arts

That said...here is a bit about me and my career. I hope you will feel free to stop by and listen to my music by following the links here. I have created note-for-note transcriptions of the sheet music to accompany my CDs...which are suitable for all intermediate levels.

pianist / composer / recording artist / concert artist

"From the moment she walks on stage, until the last note gently caresses the room, Spielberg casts a spell on her audience that is palpable, visceral, and spiritual. Better said--after you see her perform, you'll just feel a whole lot better about the world" -Bruce Bressack/HippoPress New Hampshire

-pianist/composer recording artist
-15 recordings for solo piano and piano-based instrumentals
-appears on 60+ compilation CDs
-2008 Nominee, NAR Lifestyle Award (best new piano CD) for "A New Kind of Love"
-Celebrity Artist Spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Assocation (AMTA)
-founder/partner SMG Artists (entertainment agency for national touring acts)
-owner, playMountain Music
-Steinway Artist Roster
-founding member Atlantic Theater Company
-proud mom
-member ASCAP, NARAS, AFM-Local 802, SAG, APAP, American Masterpieces Performance Initiative (WA)
-recipient ASCAP Popular Music Award
-Finalist, The Great American Songwriting Contest
-Carnegie Hall debut 1997
-Month-long tour through rural Montana and Idaho (32 concerts/28 days) with Steinway in tow!
-gardening enthusiast


They're dancing to my song! Cello/piano piece being used for the dance is called "WALK WITH ME," a song I wrote for my mother

[Linked Image]

Photos, interviews, reviews, a listening room, more video clips of performances and current touring itinerary can be found here: Robin Spielberg Robin Spielberg is represented on tour by SMG Artists I'll be touring again starting Oct '09---Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California. Hope to see/meet you! Thanks for listening and keep playing the piano!
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