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Posted By: PhilipInChina Piano party 2022 Bulgaria - 10/14/21 05:23 AM
I used to host a party every year, but Covid has meant that the past 2 had to be cancelled. The 2022 party will be themed around jazz piano. I have a professional jazz pianist and a singer already booked for the main party.

Currently I am working on the lighting for the party. Does anyone have any specialist knowledge of the subject?

Details of the party are at: http://forum.pianoworld.com//ubbthreads.php/topics/3163895.html#Post3163895
Posted By: malkin Re: Piano party 2022 Bulgaria - 10/31/21 12:59 AM
I am giving out small flashlights for Halloween.
I could send you some.
Posted By: PhilipInChina Re: Piano party 2022 Bulgaria - 10/31/21 06:31 AM
What a kind thought

I still have some of the Utah salt that you left me.
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