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Posted By: 1001pianos 1001pianos : www.1001pianos.com - 09/01/08 07:51 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm the administrator of the 1001pianos site, and I'd like to invite you on this site devoted to the piano and the artists who play this awesome instrument. On 1001pianos you will find free piano mp3 to listen and download. Artists can register for free and upload their own compositions, so that every visitor will be able to play and download (if desired) their mp3. Artists have the possibility to choose a “Creative Commons” license to protect their work. Each user has its own Blog platform to create text and image content associated to their work, or simply to create a piano related Blog. The site is very easy to use. All styles are welcome, from classical to pop music and of course jazz!! A powerful search engine will help user to search by titles, artists, genre, download / playing times …. The site has also a rating engine, allowing voting for the best artists. All users can communicate each other with our social networking features (private messaging...). This platform is integrally devoted to Piano and pianists ... If you are Interpret, Composer or only Piano lover, come join our network on www.1001pianos.com … Of course, this site is integrally free.
Posted By: jmj586 Re: 1001pianos : www.1001pianos.com - 05/05/09 07:48 AM
you have an awesome site,
I posted a link to your site on
my site: Helpful Linux Links and Piano Links
Posted By: nodules Re: 1001pianos : www.1001pianos.com - 05/26/09 05:32 PM
Hi, thank you for posting the link to your site smile
Very well done website. I have just submitted a reciprocal link.
Posted By: YourGuide Re: 1001pianos : www.1001pianos.com - 04/28/11 06:43 AM
Good site
Posted By: Hillol Re: 1001pianos : www.1001pianos.com - 10/15/21 03:49 PM
Hey, anyone know what happened to the site? Cannot find it anymore. If the site is down, I'd very much like to find the names of the piano pieces that were there. I used to regularly visit the site back in 2015. I would very very appreciate any leads at all. Thank you!
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