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Posted By: Ese150 Share your music on Reddit! - 06/04/15 05:56 PM
Hey everyone I'm Luis. I've just started up a new subreddit on Reddit for indie musicians. It's quite small for right now, but if any redditors here then be sure to subscribe.

I made this subreddit so that indie musicians whether pianists or pop starts can come together and share their music and hopefully gain a lot of traffic. I want to invite you all to subscribe and submit your own content here as well! Share with us your music on other platforms!

Posted By: rubinsteinway Re: Share your music on Reddit! - 12/12/21 08:18 PM
Just noticed your post about MusicGenesis. http://www.reddit.com/r/MusicGenesis/
Can I post my piano videos on it? They contain links to buy audio recordings and/or transcriptions. Thanks.
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