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Posted By: itsKAT My Original Compositions - 11/30/21 05:46 PM
HI fellow musicans, πŸŽΉπŸŽΆπŸ™‚

I'm KAT and I've been playing the piano for some years.
Playing pieces by Einaudi really made me want to compose my own songs. I think it's so powerful to create something on your own no matter what it is.πŸ™‚
Getting better at composing is my main motivation now.
What about you? Do you also love to compose or did you try it out?

Posted By: Rickster Re: My Original Compositions - 11/30/21 07:17 PM
Hello, I enjoyed your original piano compositions, Kat! smile

I've composed a few of my own pieces and songs too, over the years. It is fun and entertaining. I figure if you really enjoy your own music, and can entertain yourself, there is a good chance that others will enjoy it too! There is also some satisfaction in knowing that someone else enjoyed your original compositions.

Keep playing and keep composing! smile

Posted By: Rowy van Hest Re: My Original Compositions - 12/01/21 06:30 PM
If you've had no formal training as a composer, then you certainly are talented.
Posted By: Serge88 Re: My Original Compositions - 12/01/21 09:01 PM
Great composition ! But no I don't compose but I started to explore improvisation with my teacher and it's really fun.
Posted By: KrisR Re: My Original Compositions - 12/01/21 11:51 PM
Lovely! Please share with us your process in making the leap from sheet music to improvising. I find myself there right now and I'm gathering all the ideas I can.
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