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This is a long shot, but can anyone recommend a good arrangement of "A Thousand Years"? (piano solo of course). I would like to buy the sheet music, but checking MusicNotes for example, there are tons of versions and it would be great to have a recommendation rather than trying to go through each one.

I have the version by the Piano Guys, but you need a cellist... I like Kyle Landry's version but I think his hands are too big! But his version is pretty close to what I think I want... Definitely nothing dumbed down btw.

Ah, also, no lead sheets please, I need a complete score

Thanks in advance!

Here's Landry's version btw... Maybe I should just do this one... hmmm....


Then there's Paul Hankinson's one, which combines the Canon in the last part:

This is probably a smidge easier than Kyle Landry's version...


I decided to get the Paul Hankinson version with Canon at the end. I would rather have it without Canon, but from what I can see on Music Notes (which is a lot actually, super helpful!) his version is going to be much easier than Kyle Landry's version.

BTW, Paul Hankinson also has a version that mashes up A Thousand Years and Ave Maria, very pretty!

Let us know what you think of it after you get going on it. Anything that add "wedding version/canon" I'm a sucker for. I love those renditions/mashups. Hope you share your performance of it too be great to hear it played too. No pressure....
I also like how expressive Kyle Landry performs it. I love it when pianists are so into it and moving around. Meanwhile Im telling myself "ok only move your eyes looking to/from sheet and keys" LOL
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