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Posted By: FrankCox The Public Domain Song Anthology - 11/11/20 08:07 PM
The Public Domain Song Anthology

I'm not sure if this has been posted here or not; I know I ran across it several months ago somehow (random web browsing I guess) and it's the sort of thing that some of you folks here might be interested in.

The website describes the book this way:

Aperio, the University of Virginia’s open access press, and the Music Library Association are pleased to announce a joint publication: The Public Domain Song Anthology by David Berger and Chuck Israels. This collection of 348 songs with modern and traditional harmonization is available for all to use and is free of copyright restrictions. The original songs and the anthology itself are in the public domain, which allows the material to be studied, performed, adapted, and shared without constraint.

By making this anthology open access, we foresee broad use of the resource both inside and outside of educational settings. The PDSA gives teachers and students free and easy access to hundreds of popular, folk, and jazz songs in a single publication. The anthology also solves a problem for performers by sharing songs that can be played confidently without violating copyright. Contributions by Berger and Israels have been gifted to the public domain as well, which will help to both preserve and give new life to the rich legacy of these songs, many of which are at risk of being forgotten or overlooked.

Most of the book is fakebook-style (melody, chords and lyrics only).

The price is right since anyone can download it for free. And you can post your performances on youtube without fear, too. Public domain music and all that, you know.
Posted By: Serge88 Re: The Public Domain Song Anthology - 11/11/20 08:19 PM
Thanks for the link. The quality is top notch !
Posted By: Talão Re: The Public Domain Song Anthology - 11/11/20 08:26 PM
So cool! Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: JB_PW Re: The Public Domain Song Anthology - 11/11/20 09:18 PM
Wow, this is fantastic...thank you!
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