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My teacher gave me this piece on Tuesday. She loaned me a large book of Grieg music, which has so much cool stuff I might go buy it. The piece looks challenging, but I think I’m up to it and there are a lot of things for me to learn in here. There are chromatic scales, voicing challenges, multi octave arpeggios, 3:2 sections, octaves and nice 4 note chords.

I began it with cautious optimism, and after a few days I’m really liking it. It will be challenging but won’t take months. Anyone interested in learning this one with me?

The 2nd mvmt begins around 4:28. (Not sure why my time stamp isn’t working).

That is a nice piece, I have so many pieces that I am working on I wont be able to join you.

For anyone who is interested. Here is the sheet music in another video. The second movement starts at 06:35

Thanks for the link.

M12 (M9-M12) has something really interesting. 3:2 playing mixed among both hands. That’s a little different than I played on the Liszt Consolation where the 3:2 was with one hand on the triplets and the other on the eights. In this one, the triplets mix between the LL for the first two beats and the R for the 3rd, while the R also handles the melody line in quarter and eighth notes.

If anyone is curious, just try this. I’d recommend prior 3:2 experience. Then it only takes a few minutes to get this measure and it’s just super fun!!

If you’d like to listen it occurs around 7:27 on Learux’s link.
I'm now 2 weeks into this piece and really enjoying it. Anyone with a few minutes free, check out the 2nd mvmt. Begins at 4:28 in the video above.
Wow...beautiful piece. When it started out I thought, "oh that's doable!" Then it got a little bonkers in the middle...but I am adding it to my list for sure (it's on IMSLP, yay!). Thanks for posting this!
That sounds fantastic Craig. I feel like I'm just going to be following in your fingersteps about 18 months behind. You should just give me a list of everything you are learning and I won't have to do any of my own looking up what I'd like to play. You've done it all for me.
Lol Kevin no problem. I think, though, you're not really behind by 18 months but alongside from what I remember hearing.

JB PW, I think it's not as hard as it seems. The arpeggios are playable, and not as complicated as they sound. The fastest sections in this piece do not require a lot of position changes. If you've done some 3:2 before, it helps this piece move along as well.
Just follow along with The Repertoire Vault. Please feel free to add your list in there also! I need to update mine. Maybe I'll work on that in a bit.
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