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Posted By: Duaner Oil that is as good or nearly as good as CLP - 04/07/21 10:38 PM
I've been using CLP on the upper bearing points and string felt ribbon, if it's there, for a long time for good or not but for me CLP is hard to get with out paying the big freight charge.

So I'm asking is there an "over-the-counter" oil that is nearly as good? If you think there is tell me what it is....tks.[b][/b]
REALLY....are you all saying (by not saying) there is nothing as good or even close to ...CLP ???

I think what we're "saying" is that there's nothing you can buy at the hardware store that is safe or equivalent to CLP or CBL.

Peter Grey Piano Doctor
Thanks, Peter...that's what I knew anyway but I'm thinking "Duane, you live out in the sticks so you never know there may be another winner oil and you won't know till you ask..."

Wish this pandemic would take a hike, eh....man.
Teflon sprays may be worth a try in some cases. It is available in hardware stores or auto parts shops. It dries to leave a white teflon film. You will need to experiment a bit.
Fomblin from Supply88 seems very impressive - more effective than Protek CLP on sluggish flanges. THere is an impressive video, I think on YouTube, comparing the two. Fomblin is a PFPE lubricant, not PTFE. (PolyFluoroPolyEther as opposed to PolyTetraFluoroEthylene).

I haven't found Fomblin to be significantly better than CLP or CBL out in the field. It seems to be a thinner fluid that doesn't stay in my plastic bulb syringe. It even drips out of the 18g hypodermic needle that I use for spot application.

I have had some success with CRC contact cleaner in a spray can for cleaning and freeing up sluggish parts. They also make a PTFE dry lube that may be worth experimenting with after cleaning with the contact cleaner?

I see that WD40 also makes a contact cleaner and PTFE dry lube - I like the smart-straw sprayer that they use... Haven't tried it.

Seems to me that I've seen these in auto parts stores.

Ron Koval
Peter and Ron, you've both mentioned CBL - I'm not sure what that is?

Ron, thanks for sharing your experience with Fomblin.
CBL = Counter Bearing Lube made and sold by Jon Page in Massachusetts.

Peter Grey Piano Doctor
What exactly is CBL made of?
I know it has PTFE in it but I don't know the entire ingredient list.

Peter Grey Piano Doctor
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