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Posted By: virtuoso_18 The search for a sponsor - 01/12/09 08:40 PM
As you may already know, classical music and classical music competitions don't have a wide or even an average audience in the middle east.
Thus,here in Syria, there have been many active efforts all started by a figure named "Solhe Al Wadi" to introduce classical music to the people. He founded 2 very important musical education centers, the Syrian Conservatory (One of the most prestigious in the Middle East) and Solhe-Al Wadi's institute for youngesters begining their musical education. This is the institute from which I graduated.

The institute held many local competitions over the past few years which were a great success.
This year, it's holding an international piano and violin competition. The problem is , there are no sponsors!
While a competition of this magnitude would require great sums of money, no local orgnizations seem to be interested in sponsoring such a thing.

I kindly ask your assistance in finding an international sponsor for this event which I am sure will be a great contribution towards the musical movement in Syria.
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