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Hey all,

I'm a software engineer in New York and an amateur pianist on the side. I made an app to track your practice and I'd like you to try it out. It's like an online practice journal.

Compound Time

To get started, just add works to repertoire, click "Start practice" when you start practicing, and "Stop practice" when you stop practicing. I have lots of ideas for other features like setting goals and making challenges with your friends, but the basic idea is there.

I'd really appreciate your feedback!

Thanks, Michael
Please tell me why I need an app - and why, consequently, I have to have my computer on (is it still an app if it's for a computer rather than an iPod, iPad or iPhone?) while I am practicing. If I want to know - and I can't think why I would - how much accumulated time I have spent on a given work, can I not just look at the clock/watch?

Hey Bruce,

I don't think the app is for everyone. I'm trying to build an online practice journal that helps some people learn from their practice and connect about repertoire.

Thanks for checking it out,

Quite agree BruceD ... “practising” is not a chore but a passion ... where time fails to be of consequence (except on a hard bench).

Haddad (only 3 posts) is obviously a new-boy ... and unlikely to be versed in the joy of the keyboard .

My cell-phone tells me the time ... if I really want to know .
Lol, it can certainly feel like a chore when you are doing it 7 hours a day in order to meet deadlines. I think this is a brilliant idea. No need to pooh-pooh it just because its unnecessary; I'm sure we'd all cope somehow without mobile phones all together if we had to.
I appreciate the different perspectives. I hope that tracking the amount of time you spend on practice will be just one aspect of the application moving forward. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for making it more useful.
After you’ve done

“ 7 hours a day in order to meet deadlines “ ...
and the timing gadget dutifully goes “bing”... what next?

But then ... what ass makes it a habit of putting in 7 hours at the keyboard?

My maximum stay at the piano is 30 minutes ... before a feel the need to freshen up with a cup of tea (sometimes a brandy and soda) ... to allow the effort to soak in and be subject to a brown study overview ... any hint of boredom and I hoist a 2nd glass of the good stuff ... in the hope of regaining the critical catalyst when practising ... passion.

Lmao, I don't spend 7 solid hours at the keyboard. I don't practice more than 20 minutes without having a break. I think youre taking this far too seriously. The point of apps is to aid with organisation, not to replace the need to think for yourself.
I'm one of those who likes to keep track of practice time. Not necessarily how much I practice on a given day, but how much effort I put into individual pieces.

For this I have been using for almost a year now an iPhone (iPod) App, which is free. It's called 'MusicJournal'.

Like I said, I 'know' how much I practice on any one day, but my interest for this App was driven by things like: how many aggregate hours I put into practicing a specific Mozart sonata compared to the time for another Mozart Sonata. Then I start to think, why? what it makes something else that much harder, etc.
All these new-fangled apps. Why, back in the day we just used Lotus and Dbase to track everything.
I time myself every time I sit down to practice.

Low tech - I have a sports watch attached to the piano with Velcro. I stop playing, I stop the watch.

I was under the false impression many years ago that I was practicing four and five hours a day. When I started timing myself the amount of actual practice time suddenly diminished. Go figure.
I couldn't find it on Apple's app store, but the website says something about the Android market, so I assume it's Android only?

Also, no screenshots or description on the website, so I can't really tell much about how the app works.

And since there's no privacy policy stated, I don't feel comfortable registering my email address to start an account.

It could be interesting, but there's no way to tell. This app just isn't mature enough to warrant consideration at this time.
Originally Posted by Dave Horne

I was under the false impression many years ago that I was practicing four and five hours a day. When I started timing myself the amount of actual practice time suddenly diminished. Go figure.

Good point. I like to practice in the morning together with several successive cups of coffee. It brings up the question of how concentrated is the time I spend practicing. I take long and relaxed sips.

Hey Kreisler,

I haven't put a version up on Apple's App Store yet, but there is one on the Android Market. There should be iPhone/iPad version shortly. I also made an optimized mobile version you can pull up on a web browser on any mobile device.

Good idea on the screenshots. I'll add those soon.

You're right about the app not being terribly mature. I'm trying to adhere to the principles of Agile software development (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development) and get feedback from users as I build the app.

Thanks for check it out!
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