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Hi! I hope it’s ok to post this here.

We are researchers from the University of Giessen in Germany. We are currently recruiting people for a study on individual variations in visual imagery. We are now posting this here because the experiment contains short music clips in addition to pictures and most of our participants with low visual imagery also report low sound imagery. Because we are looking for responses from people with a wide range of imagery abilities, we thought that musicians could help us get responses from people with good sound imagery (also because one of us follows this forum privately wink ). We would be very grateful if fluent English speakers above approx. 40 years of age with intact colour vision considered taking part. The aim of the study is to investigate the link between variations in visual and sound imagery and the perception of pictures and audio clips.

We would be very grateful if you could spare approx. 45-55 uninterrupted minutes to complete our online study where you will be asked to fill out a series of questionnaires and make judgments on pictures (such as scenes, objects or animals) and audio clips consisting of short excerpts taken from various musical genres. You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer with headphones or external speakers to participate. Of course, all responses are completely confidential and your data will be anonymous or pseudonymous. Please do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to participating.

You will get an opportunity to enter into a prize draw for the chance to win an Amazon voucher (20 EUR / 20 USD / 20 GBP or the equivalent in your country). The prize draw will contain 1 voucher per 5 participants. You will also receive feedback about your scores on the two visual imagery questionnaires (but not on audio imagery, sorry).

It is very important for our research that all participants start the study with the same level of information about it. We therefore ask that you please do not discuss details of the study here or with other friends who may want to participate. We will post again here after data collection is finished.

Click here to access the study website.

Thank you for supporting our research!

@Mods: We’d be immensely grateful if this post could stay up. It has been very difficult for us to reach out to people aged 40-75 with good imagery abilities.
Just one more quick reminder that we'll be enormously grateful if you donate an hour to science!
This is a final reminder smile

We are now looking for native English speakers between 30 and 55 years of age with intact colour vision. We'd be really grateful if you participate in our study! Many of our participants tell us that they found the study interesting.

We're planning to finish data collection and run the prize draw next week!
We would like to thank all of our participants! Data collection is now completed and the winners of the prize draw should have received an email with an Amazon gift card. Thank you!
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