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This video explains what happens in the brain of people who play musical instruments versus those who don't.

One more reason why music programs in schools are so important.

Don't play any instruments yet? It's never to late to learn.

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

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Playing for time: Can music stave off dementia?
By Elizabeth Landau, CNN


Thanks for putting these all together - they should be compulsory viewing by everyone on the planet. Imagine the global benefits if heeded.

The last article (link to CNN) was particularly enlightening.

My Dad is in cognitive decline, and I've observed positive effects when he listens and sings music (he was a trained singer).
Thanks for sharing, Frank thumb
Very interesting, indeed.

Thanks for sharing!
Amazing, right? And I love the fact that these benefits are totally independent from "am I good enough to continue with piano?" We all benefit from playing piano in ways that we're not even aware of, whether we think we're playing well or not!
That's why I'm playing!

Thanks for these links. Very useful!
My mind feels focused after a good piano session.
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