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Posted By: Piano World Poll - - How Do You Search? - 02/19/04 04:03 PM
When you are looking for something (products, a business, services, restaurant, information about pianos:-), etc.) what source do you use first?
Posted By: my-names-are-used Re: Poll - - How Do You Search? - 04/10/17 08:18 AM
The internet. :)
Posted By: Sloane Re: Poll - - How Do You Search? - 07/06/18 08:38 AM
Simply googling first, then ask some pal about the product..
Posted By: LadyAcadia Re: Poll - - How Do You Search? - 02/02/19 12:28 PM
I first Google for website descriptions. If the description appears relevant, then I click on the website link only if that looks to be a credible source. Then I round out my knowledge by searching YouTube again for relevant information.

For example on researching whether to buy an Air Fryer or an Instant Pot, the method above is typically my process for learning about products. If a personal recommendation is from someone I know, then I go straight to the manufacturer's website first.

Hope this helps. Thanks.
Posted By: Burkey Re: Poll - - How Do You Search? - 09/30/19 05:18 AM
If you already know the product you want, then you use price comparison internet sites to find you a ballpark price range. Then you can also use Google to check if they've missed any obvious shops.
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