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I posted yesterday for the first time in a long time and then I got a private message from a member who joined yesterday asking for my home email address. Pique got the same message. The person who sent me the PM has no post count. So just in case it's a scam - I'm letting you all know. If it's not a scam (and you are for real) then ask your keyboard questions here - people will be more than happy to help you.

smile Jodi
My guess is scam, and that member is now on a very long time out.

By the way, welcome back Jodi :-)
Yeah, I got one, too. We know to ignore those.

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Hi gryph!

(oh, and hi Jodi)
well, heck, I got the same PM and refused to give him my email address, but I did go back and forth via PM several times offering advice about potential digital pianos. I thought the first email was suspicious, but after the follow-ups I thought he was legit. Guess I'm too trusting. whome

p.s. No, I didn't give him any personal info or money. I'm not THAT trusting. laugh
was it the same guy that was selling stuff inthe hello thread?

Well, I guess I did a good job following my gut instinct… I got the same PM too and PM’ed them back and stated that I prefer not to give out my email address at this time. I thought it strange that they assumed I knew how to play a piano grin.

Good work Frank!

Originally Posted by apple*
was it the same guy that was selling stuff inthe hello thread?

No... he said he was from Lebanon, not yet 18, and wanted to learn to play keyboards like the musician in Keane. I must have traded 6 or 7 PMs with him, and except for the first (suspicious) one, they sounded exactly like any young newbie we get around here--a little over his head, confused, and not used to how the forum works. confused

"The guy who was selling stuff in the hello thread", btw, really wasn't. He was listing his professional affiliation in his signature in accordance with forum rules... I noticed it, looked his inventory over, and mentioned that I liked his selection and had ordered some stuff. If you check out his post history, you'll see that he's been contributing in a positive way to many threads on different sub-forums. I'd hate to see him being run off, too. frown
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