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Posted By: AtticPianist Yanaha CLP 635PE vs CLP 725 - 05/12/21 05:36 PM
I'm new to this site. A pleasure to be here.
I live in Ontario Canada and there's a scarcity of Clavinova Pianos.
I did manage to track down a CLP-725 ($2300) and CLP-635 ($3000). Since i can't try them here (we're in lockdown) i need your expertise.
THe CLP-725 has an upgraded action. Is there any reason to choose it over the older/level-up model? I just want a great piano sound that inspires!
Thank you for your help in advance.
Posted By: BDB Re: Yanaha CLP 635PE vs CLP 725 - 05/12/21 11:24 PM
You would be better off asking this in the digital piano area, but I think that compared to acoustic pianos, the lifespan of digitals is far more limited, so newer is better.
Posted By: ebonyk Re: Yanaha CLP 635PE vs CLP 725 - 05/13/21 12:00 AM
If you haven’t looked through this thread yet, I recommend it.

New CLP700 series

This page on the Yamaha website lists the specs of the 635, which you can then compare with the newer 725 (specs will also be on the Yamaha website).

CLP635 specs

The CLP635 is very similar to the CLP645, my own instrument, except it has the GH3X action instead of the NWX action. The amplifiers and speakers are also a little different, and it doesn’t have Bluetooth. Personally, I liked the GH3X action, though I prefer the NWX. No idea what the new action of the 725 is like.

Hope this helps you sort through similarities and differences. 😊👍
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