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Posted By: Keybender Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 01:31 PM

I've got a new piano bench which matches my piano very nicely. It's comfy and not outrageously squeaky - BUT when you sit down you hear hissing noises. And then again when you stand up. I didn't find any obvious place to poke a hole in or something...
It's not really bad but it does remind me of one of those fart-pillows laugh It's funny the first 20 times, then it does lose its appeal.

For your entertainment, here's a video of it https://youtu.be/ZyrpYMSny1k

Any ideas how to remedy this?
Is this a common thing with piano benches?

Posted By: gwing Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 01:59 PM
I could only hear your voice and nothing from the piano stool but I guess you have two options:
a) Find the air leak and seal it (or perhaps just glue down some flappy bit that resonates with the air travel).
b) Make a larger hole to allow the air to escape silently.
Posted By: Lakeviewsteve Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 02:51 PM
My Jensen artist bench does that and I noticed it when it was new. It still does it but I don't notice it at all. It is the best bench I've ever had and wouldn't change it for anything. As long as it doesn't make any noise when you are playing just live with it. Don't poke any holes in it by all means!!
Posted By: Beemer Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 03:58 PM
I have a 100W calibrated amplifier which I always set to -27db when doing any comparisons. My speakers are Hi-Fi monitors. At that level I could not hear any hissing. I could hear it when I turned up the volume way beyond normal and even then the hissing I heard l that would not annoy me. Why not drill a couple of holes in the underside wood taking extreme care not to pierce the top covering. Anyhow once I'm seated I'm there for an hour or more smile
Posted By: MarkL Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Keybender
... when you sit down you hear hissing noises. Any ideas how to remedy this?
I don't find leather comfortable so I recovered my bench with fabric and replaced the foam pad with something more rear end friendly at the same time.
I have enough people hissing when I play, I don't need my bench joining them.
Posted By: j&j Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 05:30 PM
On an artist bench the leather and foam need to break in just like a saddle on a bicycle or horse. You can probably just use a towel on top for a couple weeks until you break it in. Leather has tiny holes that were the cow’s pores so it breaths. Use leather seat cleaner/moisturizer sold for automobiles leather upholstery. It works beautifully.
Posted By: David-G Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 06:43 PM
I can hear it clearly when you sit down, not when you get up. Can't offer a solution I'm afraid.
Posted By: BruceD Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/08/20 08:03 PM
I would no nothing more than just live with it for the present. Since it doesn't "exhale / inhale" when you are playing, it may be something that will work itself out with time. I certainly wouldn't start by punching or drilling holes anywhere.

Posted By: Lady Bird Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/09/20 01:56 AM
I had to laugh when read the title of your thread. It sounds almost as if your bench has a "personality of its own" As Bruce says as long as it does not exhale and inhale while you are playing 😉 or start coughing .
However I know you enjoy making recordings , so I can understand ! Actually I could hardly hear anything but my husband has the TV going in his study .The exhale when you sit is a little louder than the inhale when you stand.
I just wondering if you first sat on the front edge of the bench then gently slide back ,that may help.
Posted By: supersport Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/09/20 11:49 AM
I believe it is to prevent splitting the seam from the increased pressure inside the sealed cushion when the weight placed on it. Grommets and vents are added to leather upholstery for this reason. Enlarging the opening would help but that may happen naturally as the bench wears in.
Posted By: SoundThumb Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/10/20 11:17 PM
Turn the bench upside down. Is the bottom a single piece of painted or stained plywood? That is what my bench looks like. To help the air move into and out of the foam, I drilled two 1/2 inch holes through the plywood. You have to do it carefully so the bit doesn't enter the foam. It worked very well for my bench. I don't know if smaller holes would have worked, it is just what I did.
Posted By: oth47 Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/18/20 07:26 PM
Having worked in furniture manufacturing for many years I can tell you that leather or vinyl seats need to be vented just to prevent problems of this nature.SoundThumb found the solution.
Posted By: Keybender Re: Hissing / breathing piano bench - 10/19/20 07:27 AM
Thanks, we'll try that!
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