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Anyone want to meet up, I'll be in town by 9:30 Saturday morning and will make a bee line for piano row. Anyone who wants to meet up with me can contact me via this thread or via e-mail.
Sounds good! Did you know Pique' is in NYC around that time? I can't remember her exact dates though.
Wait - Pique, David Burton, AND RealPlayer in the same place??

And I am committed to exhibiting at The PTG convention that weekend! mad mad

I think you planned it this way, David. wink

Hey this could be like old times? How many years ago was the first Piano Crawl?

OK, well the date was pre-determined by the people sponsoring the trip. I got a deal on a bus ride down to NYC and back through being a friend of my local public library (which is indispensable to me for my ongoing researches). It places me at Bryant Park around 9:30 am on Saturday, the 30th (THREE weeks from today) and I get back on to go home around 6 pm. Same place. My plan would be to get to piano row right away and (outfitted with my new nifty cell phone and camera) take some pics and do something on my blog to promote whatever is new and wonderful (or old and wonderful) in their showrooms. I don't think time allows going over to Long Island City or New Jersey to see other outlying stores, but I may be talked into it if someone comes along with me. I'd also sort of like to try going to the Guggenheim. We'll see, I'm open to suggestions.

PS: Special apologies to Rich Galissini. He knows that I'd really like to get together. I think we should try and plan to get together either in NYC or Philadelphia sometime this year. We can communicate to that end via e-mail. (Maybe he'd like to see what I do with the spread on my blog first. It should be fun.) :-)

Last time I did this it was during a late April heat wave. Might happen again.
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