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This is very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sweelinck. I will work on the piece over the next month or two in light of BruceD's, Sidokar's, and your comments, and then re-record and resubmit. I won't stop working on it until it's done properly. That's a great idea re: play the piece awhile without the ornaments, first, and then bring in the ornaments without destroying the melody. Once the ornaments are brought into play, I will work on keeping them nice and light while having them decorate and lead up to rather than detract from the notes on which they're based.

This sounds like a good plan. I will look forward to hearing your revised performance, when it is ready. Don't rush to be ready; work on the suggestions you can agree with and submit when you feel comfortable doing so.

You are already in a good spot to advance because you have the work memorized; that is a big step forward enabling you to concentrate on interpretation.

Good luck.


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