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No doubt about that. That said, I appologize if what I am going to say sounds a bit hard , ... but it seems to me that your technical skill level far exceeds the expressive capabilities of your piano. I dont know if you are in a situation to change, but that is something I would consider in the future. Maybe your recording set up has something to do with it as well, but my guess is that the piano itself has a major role.

Well thank you but I am about to leave home and my piano behind somewhat soon (hence the frenzy of recordings I am making nowadays). So if anything I will have to play on a digital which will be even worse. :s

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Really looking forward to hearing your updated recording—- I’m convinced it will be awesome 😊

Thank you, also relevant comment above which is maybe somewhere off in the future, maybe in a couple months if I can fit it in in time.

No rush., We’ll still be here,

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