Hi everyone, I hope you are having a very calm Monday.

I'm looking for a math related app game for kids (to kill two birds with one stone) where they can have fun but at the same time improve their solving skills or concepts, not necessarily studying them but learning them by looking at how the game works.

I'm asking because I'd like to get my niece more motivated on her studies of science and math subjects and the one she needs the most help with is with math. She's in grade 7 and she's already getting some math help with this app but it doesn't provide much of the "fun game" part I'm looking for, it's more of a traditional way of practicing math. I know for example "angry birds" was inspired by the physics game "Crush the Castle" and it adheres to physics laws and there are all these videos on YouTube where they explain the lessons you can take from angry birds..... well something like that but for math. Some have told me that playing Dominoes it's good for developing math skills but idk, at least I don't see it.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, does anyone know of a good game math app? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.