I got this tune for the ABF Recital coming up soon. And I wanted to record my ES110 which I think, was worth recording. Highly dynamic, it's fun to play and easy on the fingers.
Sorted that out. But to be sure I got the best choice, I also recorded the same on Pianoteq, 7.5.3 I think it is.
You know; the latest and greatest are in there as everybody must be aware. (I only typed that 'cos it rhymed)
But i couldn't find out where.
Anyway, it was sorted. I had 5 different pianos in the mix; I interviewed and judged the lucky winner.

It wasn't hard. The only acceptable one was the one which was out of tune. The rest were almost identical to listen to; I'd kept them on the factory setting. But they're not identical to play; we all have our favourites of course, but some have that connection which makes for a pleasant experience. I can quite easily listen to say, the Bechstein DG and enjoy, but not to play. Sounds like you're in a tunnel as perhaps that real acoustic might well do with me sat in front of it. Acoustics can be like that at times if you're not used to them.

The Bechstein DG got the job!

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