New proud owner of a used Kimball. I’m sure that’s not a common set of words. Been in in the market for an over 6’ grand for several months and played many Yamahas and a few Kawais in my search. Was also hoping to keep it all around $15k or so. And I made the mistake of playing new Yamahas and Boseys. Wasn’t a fan of any of the G or C3’s. Hate to say it but 6 and a half feet seems to make a huge difference. The few used Kawais I played were beat up. I stumbled on a Kimball ad only because I was dreaming of Bosendorfers and searched it on CL. Up popped this black 6’7” Kimball. A ton of internet searching later I decided to see it. I was simply blown away by the sound. I realize sound quality is subjective but it’s just beautiful. The bass has me wondering if it 9’ long. All the bell-like overtones and you can feel it in your chest.