I attended my first piano concert since 2018. It was so awesome. First, my first show was pianist Kevin Cole, performing a solo Christmas show for his homies, at the State Theatre in Bay City MI. Kevin is a brilliant maestro, known worldly for his Gershwin interpretations. This show was a collection of holiday favorites with and added Michigan native hometown touch. Just him solo and a Steinway B. Was awesome. treat for me to see this live performance.

Just a few weeks ago, I was front row at The Sheldon Theatre here in my town, St. Louis, MO(go Cardinals, Wild Card game tomorrow) and watched St. Louisans own, 27yo Dominic Chelli, perform! His repertoire were his selections of famous composers and pianists composing songs dedicated to a special friend or acquaintance of theirs. Besides his brilliant playing he was quite the story teller, giving us the details of the relationships before each piece. His first piece was that of two Czech comrads, both pianists. One of the friends is injured(sorry forgot which war)in battle, and loses all mobility in his right hand. His friend composes a tribute piece to him, for the left hand only!! The show was Awesome. Him solo on what looked like an aged Steinway B. He told us this repertoire was created during the Covid shutdown.

The SLSO(St.Louis, Symphony Orchestra) welcomed pianist, Yefim Bronfman for two shows(Powell Symphony Hall), just last weekend, featuring, Rachmaninoff's Third. I was unable to attend these shows, aghh. Cool story is that, just recently, Bronfman, assisted the SLSO in selecting a new, anonymously gifted´╝î Steinway D. They just mentioned the old D was aging. Curious where the old one is now. Anyway so bummed I couldn't attend.

This November, I already have tickets, at The St Louis, Sheldon Theatre, pianist, keyboardist, synths Rick Wakeman will perform. He was the keyboardist etc for the Rock fusion band "Yes" in the 1970s. I can't wait for this. I think its him and an acoustic only. May be the same B as above. The repertoire sounds awesome, Beatles, Bowie etc

If you get a chance, go see the great one's LIVE!