A few years ago, I published "The Best of Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer," a collection of the best articles we've published on PianoBuyer.com over the past ten years on every aspect of buying, selling, restoring, and maintaining pianos and digital pianos, plus profiles of 80 manufacturers and brands. I printed too many copies, and my distributor is charging me a lot to store them while they slowly sell. So I decided to give the rest away for just the cost of shipping ($2.50 each), when ordered in quantities of from 10 to 50 copies at a time.

The 270-page book is in color (with ads), and normally sells for $24.95. It makes a great gift to teachers, special clients, piano aficionados, or anyone you want to impress.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, while supplies last, please send your name, shipping address (U.S. only), email address, and the number of copies you want, from 10 to 50, to larry@pianobook.com. I'll send you, via Quickbooks, an invoice for the shipping ($2.50 each), which you can pay by check or online.

Please help me make productive use of these copies, so I don't have to shred them!

Larry Fine

Publisher and Editor, Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer
and Author, The Piano Book