It's intended for RCM grade level 6 or maybe 7? Possibly you guys can help me narrow it down.

As I've gone about learning piano, I sometimes come across passages in pieces that require some fingers be held down and others play staccato melodies, or one hand play staccato while the other plays legato, and found these concepts a bit difficult to wrap my head around. This etude will hopefully help the intermediate player internalize these techniques a bit better.

I would like to get a recording for you guys soon, as it's obviously much more musical when performed by a person! So I'll be spending the next week or two getting it into my muscle memory. I'm actually surprised at how tricky some passages are for me...Namely the fast chord changes in the B section. Even though the form is AABA, every A section is played completely different and requires using different fingers/muscles (first two times are right hand, third time is left hand), so it's almost like learning whole new parts in a way.

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