Hi, I'm no piano player myself but I'm helping my wife buy an acoustic upright piano for the first time (she's had a digital piano for >10 years). We've been looking at used uprights in the <$4,000 CAD range. Still very new to the piano-buying game.

We tried out a bunch of pianos from several different dealers in Toronto, and quite liked the look, feel and sound of this Yamaha at a highly-rated used piano store (Universal Piano Services in Toronto). The dealer said that it was a Yamaha U1, made in Taiwan around late 90s/early 2000s. We settled on a price of $4,250 CAD tax included.

However, after trying to look up the exact model and serial number (YT259769, image here: https://imgur.com/5dtptNr), it's looking like this is NOT a U1 but a different model, Yamaha UT 121 (as printed on the inside of the piano). We haven't been able to find ANYTHING about it other than some listings on a Taiwanese eBay. There's a Yamaha T121, but again that seems to be different from this UT 121

To be clear, I'm totally fine with a different model of Yamaha and being built in Taiwan is not an issue. I have two main concerns:

  • I thought I was buying a U1 (confident about quality, lifespan, resale value, etc.) and now I'm worried I overpaid
  • I can't find any reviews or information online to get a sense of quality, durability, price range, etc. for this model

Does anyone have any information about the UT 121 and how it compares to the U1? Or, how I should approach this issue with the dealer?


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