Hi All,

This is my first time on the forum and I need expert opinions amd suggestions to solve my confusion.

It's great to see so many detailed opinions on different areas when buying a piano and I hope I am able to decide my instrument with your help.

FP90x / CLP 745 / CA49

My main concern is the action.

Roland FP90x: It has quite great reviews on youtube but m not sure if the action is comparable to a Grandtouch s or Gfc.
I have played PHA IV but dint enjoy it that much. Not sure how good or related PHA 50 is to that.
Compared to CLP745 AND CA49,this is cheaper so need suggestions on if I can trust the action and durability of the product.

CLP745: I finalised this one because I enjoyed playing on an older version at a music school CLP 330. It has good durability as well but unfortunately not available currently at my location.

Kawai CA49: Same range as CLP745 but haven't played any KAWAI digital pianos before but found that it has a good reputation with regards to the piano action.

So, m looking for opinions on the basis of if
1. I can get a FP90x cz of the PHA50 reputation.
2. I can gamble on CA49 over CLP745.

Looking forward for your suggestions.