A question to history buffs like myself!

I have quite a big interest in more recent music history, from the 50's and onwards.

Today it seems like there are many german piano manufacturers who make pianos at a very high level, and almost everyone has a concert grand in their line up. But what was it like during the 70's to 90's? Was it all Yamaha and Kawai even in Germany at that point in time? Or perhaps even american made pianos like the great Baldwins of that era?

Looking at production numbers for those years give somewhat of an indication as to which brands were prosperous, but I'm more interested in what was considered prestigious in those times. I'm pretty sure the iron curtain played a big role in what kind of pianos saw the light of day, so maybe west germany manufacturers likes Feurich and Seiler had an easier time?

What role did Bluthner, August Förster, Rönisch and Sauter have during this time period? And what of the other western germany brands like Bechstein, Grotrian-Steinweg and Schimmel?

If you had a top studio in germany during that time period, what brands would you be looking at?