I tuned, adjusted and had the action out of my first "hybrid" upright piano the other day. I think it was a Yamaha Avant Grand 1x Series. My customer has had it for three years and called me to "tune her piano", sure, but I didn't know it was a hybrid. So it's learn as you go and for heaven's sake don't do something stupid.

Anyway, when I got there she complained of a squeak when she pressed the damper pedal. That meant I had to take the action out as the squeak was in the center part. There are usually three or so barrel hinges on the long damper rod and they don't get much lubrication. You know all this but I had to tell you because I was not sure if the electrical wiring carried up into the action section or not.

It did not but I was like pooping my pants trying to find this out with little moves at a time. Anyway, long story short I took the action out no problem and put some CLP on those little "barrel" hinges and tightened all the whippen screws, put it back together and the squeak vanished. Yeah....but while tuning there was about 50 hammers double striking so fixed them. Customer pleased as she can be....so am I.

So the reason for this little "victory" speech is not just to brag about my accomplishments but to ask you who have worked on the newer hybrid's this question....what can one expect in terms of "new gadgets" in the action that one should be aware of. Any "SURPRISES" in there and what of the keys or for that matter what has been your experience servicing and tuning hybrid verticals and grands? Give my your report so I can learn and be better prepared for the next one because I think they are going to be quite common eventually.

Duane Graves

"Pushin 70...still haven fun I think..."