Developed by ROLI, the LUMI instrument seeks to teach people to play, in a simpler and more playful way. With illuminated keys that accompany the notes displayed in an interactive app, the proposal is that anyone can learn to play the instrument in a few days.

ROLI is an English company that develops technologies aimed at musical learning. LUMI's proposal is to display the order of the notes and correspond them to the keys that have different colors, making the practice more didactic. It is similar to what happens in the Guitar Hero game.

The LUMI is composed of 24 keys that reproduce two octaves - range of notes that goes from C to B - of a piano. Those who are interested can purchase more pieces to join them forming a larger and closer set to the original instrument.


The model is in the final stage of crowdfunding on Kickstarter and anyone interested can participate until mid-July. As the initial target of £ 100,000 (about R $ 490,000) has already been met, LUMI will be produced, and the company hopes to start sending it to supporters starting in October.

On Kickstarter it is possible to purchase the LUMI keyboard together with the app for £ 147 (R $ 715). For financiers who live in the United Kingdom, it is possible to buy the two items plus a case and also visit the ROLI headquarters in London. The visit includes a tour of the company, accompanied by the ROLI CEO, Roland Lamb, as well as a vegan lunch on site.