To all our valued members and guests...

Today is March 3, 2021.
Spring is coming (no really, it is).

Some of you already know this, but for those who don't.

My name is Frank Baxter, I am the founder and host of Piano World &
I'm a piano player, piano tuner, and composer.

I live in the historic district of beautiful downtown Cornish Maine.
Cornish is home to several wonderful antique shops, artists, and great restaurants.

My first professionally recorded original piece is now available via BandCamp

It is also home to my Music Gift Shop (Maple Street Music Shop, www.MapleStreetMusicShop

Story continued below the pictures...

My Music Gift Shop
[Linked Image]

One View of the Inside of the Music Shop
[Linked Image]

My house as it looked in 1871
[Linked Image]

My Music Room
[Linked Image]

A Guest Room
[Linked Image]

The gift shop is located on the first floor of my home.
The house was built in 1850 and contains 9 bedrooms. I plan to open it as a BNB as well, hopefully this summer, depending on how well we do beating back the Covid virus.

My music room contains my beloved Estonia L-190 grand piano which I love to play for anyone who will listen.
And of course you are welcome to try my piano as well (as long as your hands are clean).

So if you find yourself visiting southwest Maine, please come for a visit!

My Web Sites:
Piano World (main site) (online store)
Maine Street Music Shop (music gift shop)
Piano Forums (where you're reading this post)
Piano Recitals (mostly our Adult Beginner Members)

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- Frank B.
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Maple Street Music Shop
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Estonia L-190, Yamaha P-80, Harpsichord (kit), Bilhorn Telescope Organ c 1880, Antique Pump Organ, 1850 concertina, 3 digital pianos
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