I’m posting this on the digital forum because I think it might be of interest to digital players’ understanding of what can now be done on the iPad with the newer acoustic apps.

SWAM instruments by AudioModeling have been available for a few years on desktop and are competitive with the realism of devs like Spitfire Audio. Finally these acoustic instruments, with their added expressive possibilities are coming to the iOS platform.

The SWAM instruments are now only available as inapp purchase in GeoShred. Currently, violin, cello, clarinet, tenor sax, flute and oboe with more to come. GeoShred has an innovative midi expression keyboard (MPE) which allows one to play these instruments very realistically, with many expressive parameters, on the glass surface of the iPad. However, they may be played on midi controllers as well. But you must set the midi channel out on your midi keyboard to 2 or higher. Midi channel 1 does not allow sound through.

This improvised track has lead SWAM violin and cello. The backing string section is made of three string sections from Module, BeatHawk and PureSynthPlatinum. If you want more info on how to utilize the SWAM acoustics please pm me.


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