I recently received this email from the music school where I'm enrolled for piano lessons, regarding an alternate exam board that is still operating online. They normally do exams recorded through an (android or iOS) app that the teacher would operate, but are adapting in these times to allow the student to run the app with the teacher online. I'm due to talk to the director of the school, who has been researching this, in more detail next week to see if it's an option. I know very little more about it than what this email says, and what's in the links, but I thought it may be of interest to some on here who may be frustrated with exam cancellations.

I'm told that they are being very cooperative in terms of approving pieces from the appropriate level from ABRSM and Trinity, times being what they are. So, if you're already working on repertoire, you will be able to use those under the "free choice" option for these exams.

I haven't decided to do it yet, but I think I probably will, in order to keep progressing.

Here's the text of the email from the school. I hope this helps someone!

Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic:

ABRSM Exams are on hold
an update is promised in July

Trinity Exam Board
is working on a way for digital exam material submission

RSL Awards (Rock School)
is providing video exams

But there is another way

We are pleased to tell you that there is another way you can take an accredited music exam, with online exam board MTB (Music Teachers' Board):


MTB is an Ofqual regulated exam board (the same accreditation as ABRSM and Trinity).

So you can still take your exams, but online!

MTB has introduced ‘free choice’ pieces. This means you can play the pieces you have been learning for any other exam. The supporting tests are different and available to download here:


Other significant advantages of MTB Exams are that anyone, anywhere in the world, can sit an exam at any time. You don’t have to travel to an Exam Centre and your teacher delivers the exam in your lesson time.

Q: Am I late beginner, or early intermediate? A: Yes!

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