And I'm so happy to have found this piano forum. I have been practicing piano and composing piano works over the last fourteen years in almost complete and total isolation and solitude. So, I am very glad to have found all of you.

I don't compose anymore; however, I do enjoy and work hard at practicing my performance skills almost every day.

My teacher of nine years tells me that I play at the level of Later Intermediate so, that isn't very far along but I keep practicing anyway. Gives me something to do and strive after, and keeps me busy.

When I was composing, recording and producing music, I was composing in the Easy Listening Piano music genre. I recorded a total of three albums starting in 2012 and ending in 2016 and then, I quit producing. Two of these early albums won recognition by in their Contemporary Classical Music Video category in 2012. This is considered a real honor. It was always a true mystery to both me and everyone else how I could write better than I could play.