Hi all.

I'm looking into purchasing my upright. I have room for an upright and not a grand, unfortunately (neither the funds in any case).

My final choices are these:

Yamaha U1
Boston 118E

The price is similar and the sound is good in both cases, though I feel that I prefer the Boston slightly more.

So I have two questions:

1. Between the two, I think both are "work horses". The piano will be used mainly by me, so no students, etc touching it. But how does the sound react through the years? I think that the Yamaha tend to become brighter, but what about the Boston? I don't want to buy a piano that needs revoicing every few years, or to be impressed with the sound right now, only to find that it deteriorates over time.

2. The piano will be placed in a rather small room, because that's all I've got. The Yamaha has a slightly more "intimate" sound, vs the Boston which has the grander sound. Do you think the Boston will react more to the small room, being slightly louder?

I need this information as soon as possible, please, since I need to make my mind today.

Please help.


PS. I used to be a decent pianist (diploma in performance), but I don't have the time to practice anymore, so this is for recording (videoing) possibly and composing (PhD in composition, and Editions Musica Ferrum LTD).