I am getting a large amount of moderator reports and PM's about various people - an almost overwhelming amount.

There have been some legimate ones. There have also been some that once looked into were not as legimate as they appear on the surface.

First of all, we all come here to discuss pianos, not fight. We all have different experiences and come from many places. It stands to reason we are not always going to agree.

People agree to disagree all the time. And then they go on to talk about other things. Point and counterpoint are fine. What is happening all too often are situations where healthy discussion deteriorates into "you're not only wrong, you're a frickin' idiot for thinking that". DON'T LET IT COME TO THAT. Let's all learn to walk away from a fight.

It's often been pointed out that sock puppets degrade the integrity of the forums. But meanness and discussions escalating into meanness degrade our forums in a far worse way.

If you are in a discussion and someone is attacking you or being mean to you, feel free to do a moderator report. These carry much more weight than a third party reporting it - because if the parties to the discussion are not offended then there is less basis for a complaint. (although they might get told to take it to PM's)

Finally, if there is someone on the forum that you don't like, leave them alone. Stay away from them. If they pursue you then report them to me. And woe to anybody who comes off as the aggressor.

Let's treat each other as friends. Let's treat each other with respect (and ya gotta give it to get it). Let's talk pianos and forget petty differences. The forums will benefit. We'll all benefit.




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