It is my consummate pleasure to introduce the forum to a very good friend of mine, who I haven’t seen or contacted since another lifetime ago, as things happen. His name is Glenn Hardy and this is his website: Many of you also know that another friend of mine is Andrew Violette and here’s his website:

Though they are on different paths as it were, they have something in common; a dedication to pianism and they both play with authority even when they are playing the subtlest phrases and textures.

But this is about Glenn. Please get on his website and listen to this man play the piano! Have you ever heard anything as clear as this in quite a while? He mentions Earl Hines, who I was lucky enough to hear live in San Francisco back another lifetime ago, and yes Hines was a charismatic presence and played … unlike anyone ever has, except probably for Glenn.

When I knew Glenn best back in the old days in San Francisco he was building harpsichords and into the early music scene there. His handicraft work on those instruments was as meticulous as his piano playing. I always looked up to him (well, he is a year older than me anyway) as some kind of musical prodigy, the kind who can read anything put in front of him, etc. Reviewing his blog I can tell that his views on many things are not far from my own.

I’d like it very much if we could get Glenn to join us on another “piano crawl” through New York’s piano stores and will suggest this to him.

In the meantime, enjoy and promote a talent which is certainly rare.