A Who's Who of our Resident Performers

A while back I asked our music professional performing members (pianist) to send me information
(a short bio) that I was going to post.

Sort of a who's who of our forums members.

Then I realized, I don't have time to create the new pages and fill them with information from emails.

Well, duh, all I really needed to do was create a special forum, and let the members post their own information.

Now here's the deal, this is good exposure for our professional members, and interesting information for the rest of us,
but there are some rules.

Basic Rules:
  • ~ You must be a professional performer, meaning you must make most of your living from playing a keyboard instrument
    (piano, digital piano, organ).
  • ~ You will need to send me an email telling me you'd like to join the special forum, and VERY BRIEFLY why you qualify.
  • ~ You must include your forums email (the one you signed up with), member number, and display name.
  • ~ Only approved members will be able to post, although any member or visitor will be able to view the new forum, as will the search engine spiders.
  • ~ I may consider opening this up to specialist in the business too, such as manufacturers reps, piano designers, etc.
  • ~ Dealers, Teachers, Movers, Tuners, etc. If you want serious exposure for your business, please see our advertising options at Cost effective classified and display advertising that really works.

What You Should Post:
  • ~ Subject Line (something like Frank Baxter, Concert Pianist) [Ha, I wish]
  • ~ A picture (head shot and/or performance shot)
  • ~ Your music bio (it doesn't need to be a mile long)
  • ~ Embed YouTube clips if appropriate
  • ~ Link to your own web site if applicable
  • ~ Contact information if appropriate, including your agent/agency if you have one
  • ~ Should include what Type of music you typically perform
  • ~ Some of the pieces you have performed
  • ~ NOTE: Your post should be a New post, never a reply to any other posts in this forum
  • ~ All posts in this new forum will need to be approved by me before they go live (which may take a little while if we get
    enough participation).

What NOT to Post:
  • ~ Do not post links to products or services for sale. If you really want us to push your
    CD or books, WE (Piano World) should be allowed to create the link(s) so we get a small commission in return for the free exposure we are giving you.

    You can of course consider purchasing advertising on Piano World too (
  • ~ Nothing negative about your competition, this isn't the place
  • ~ Never post anything that is copyrighted unless you have express permission from the owner. If you are the owner, make sure we know that, and that
    you are giving us permission to make the post public

- Frank B.
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